Efficient liquidity incentivization through bribes

Swap, earn, and deepen liquidity on the first DEX with flywheel tokenomics on Cosmos. Purpose built for the Alliance LSD wars on Terra.


Efficient Liquidity Incentivization

Enabled by our bribes model that are streamed to voters instead liquidity providers directly. Voters will decide on allocation of liquidity incentives on different pools every epoch. Additional third-party incentives may also be directed to further sweeten the pot for LPs.

Feature 01

Sustainable Liquidity

LPs receive rewards for providing liquidity, protocol owners who want deep liquidity for their token spend less on incentives, DEXTER token holders don't get dumped on, Traders get low slippage.

Everyone wins.

Feature 02

Agility & Adaptability

Incentives are redirected every week through voting, allowing for new players to easily enter instead of current entrenched models of liquidity incentivization that exists on Terra today

Feature 03

Tying Rewards with Incentives

DEXTER token holders are directly rewarded for participation, instead of current models today that result in dumping of the native DEX token

DEXTER. A DEX, but Better.

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